Wyoming native honored as UW's Outstanding Alumnus

Wyoming-native, Dr. Valerie Lengfelder, was honored as the University of Wyoming’s College of Health Sciences’ 2015 Outstanding Alumnus during Homecoming Weekend in Laramie, WY. An awards reception was held the evening of October 16th on the University of Wyoming campus in order to recognize her as an Outstanding Alumna. Dr. Lengfelder is a member of the inaugural WWAMI class. In 1997, Wyoming entered into a cooperative program with the University of Washington’s School of Medicine (UWSoM) along with the states of Montana,Idaho and Alaska, resulting in “WWAMI”, the acronym for the partner states. WWAMI’s goal is to make medical education accessible to students in northwestern states that do not have independent medical schools, and to help meet physician workforce needs for each of the states. The Wyoming WWAMI program is designed to provide access to public medical education for Wyoming residents; encourage graduates to locate their practices in underserved or rural areas in Wyoming; and, encourage and support talented students to enter the field of medicine. “In terms of selection of the WWAMI Outstanding Alumnus, we look for a WWAMI physician that has a long history of teaching our WWAMI students and that has demonstrated continued excellence in their teaching evaluations. Dr. Lengfelder obviously fits that mold,” stated Dr. Timothy Robinson, Director of the Wyoming WWAMI Medical Education Program. “Dr. Lengfelder is the type of physician that the legislators envisioned when they began funding the WWAMI program in 1997. As a member of the first WWAMI class, we are exceptionally proud to call Dr. Lengfelder one of our own.” There have been 158 Wyoming residents that have earned a medical degree through the WWAMI program, since 1997 – a 98.75% completion rate. 75% of the graduates select a primary care residency. Also, 67% of the WWAMI graduates return to practice in Wyoming (statistics provided by WWAMI). “Rural communities are in dire need of family practice physicians. The Wyoming WWAMI program is vital to the physical and economic health of our communities in Wyoming,” stated Dr. Lengfelder. Dr. Valerie Lengfelder has been in family practice at Powell Valley Health Care (PVHC) in Powell, WY, since 2008. She is in her second term as Chief of Staff and is President of the Board of Directors at PVHC. Dr. Lengfelder was raised in Riverton by her parents Cecil Baldes (Cowley,WY) and Connie Ahlbrandt (Riverton, WY). “As a non-traditional college student, the WWAMI program allowed me to pursue my educational path of becoming a physician. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity afforded to me and enjoy giving back to the program,” said Dr. Lengfelder. Dr. Lengfelder and her husband, Matthew, have four children Evan, Ciera, Landon and Grace and a granddaughter, Sophia. Dr. Lengfelder enjoys spending time with her family, including hunting and fishing with her father. She is also an accomplished baker. For additional information, please contact Matthew Lengfelder: or 206.618.5078. Photo left to right: Lawrence Kirven, MD - Assist. Dean, WWAMI Clinical Phase; Valerie Lengfelder, MD -Outstanding WWAMI Alumna; Tim Robinson, PhD - Director of WWAMI; Joseph Steiner, PharmD - College of Health Sciences Dean (h/t: Matthre Lengfelder) #shortgo