5 Spooky Wyoming Ghost Stories

The most terrifying time of year is almost here, and Wyoming is full of spooky must-see sites.Wyoming Travel and Tourism shared a story about the most haunted and spooky Wyoming Ghost Stories. Check out our favorites below: *1.The Frontier Prison* near Rawlins off of I-80 is named the “Old Pen” as it housed inmates from 1901 through 1981, then it was used as the location for a feature film called Prison. Several paranormal investigating teams have visited to document reports of ghostly orbs, footsteps and other odd phenomena. Once each July the prison welcomes a small corps of overnight guests for a “Locked Down” night spent in your very own cell. *2. Cody’s Irma Hotel* – William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody built the hotel in his namesake town and named it after his daughter. Several staff members who’ve worked in the hotel for a quarter-century or more say they’ve seen ghosts. The rocking chair in Room 16 – once Irma’s room – sometimes rocks on its own, and people report seeing the ghost of a man in a Confederate uniform in Room 35. *3. Casper’s the Ivy House Inn Bed & Breakfast *reportedly is haunted by its first owners, Frank and Rhea White, and their cats. Every year in May, current owners Tom and Kathy Jackson and their teenage son Eric throw a gala party on the night Rhea died, and they also have haunted slumber parties each October. [image: B008353.jpeg] *4. Cheyenne’s Plains Hotel Ghost Story* – One popular story told involves a newlywed couple staying at the Plains Hotel. It seems the bride caught her new husband with a prostitute and shot them both before turning the gun on herself. Rosie, the bitter bride, allegedly wanders the hotel’s second floor in a blue gown. *5. Spooky Deaths in Yellowstone *– You may want to pick up a copy of “Death in Yellowstone by Yellowstone park historian Lee H. Whittlesey. Although not a book of ghost stories, this sobering look at “accidents and foolhardiness” offers details of several hundred folks who met grisly ends in Yellowstone. Murders, bear maulings, falls into hot springs – they’re all here. #shortgo