Local Firefighters to Honor Last Piece of Steel from World Trade Center

CHEYENNE- The Cheyenne Firefighters and neighboring fire departments will be honoring one of the last pieces of steel from the World Trade Centers this Saturday. A five foot 3,000 pound artifact of 9/11 has been traveling from New York City to its final resting place in Fort Collins, Colorado. During the transportation of this steel beam, more than 100 fire departments have been assisting with a procession to remember the 343 firefighters lost that fateful day. Firefighters of Poudre Fire Authority received the artifact for their efforts during the recovery operations in the days and weeks after the towers fell to the floor of New York City. These same firefighters are spending their vacation time ensuring safe transport of the beam. “It will be a great honor to salute these firefighters as they pass through our city,” Cheyenne Firefighter Rod Olson said. Olson is a Lieutenant for Cheyenne Fire and Rescue, and also leads the Honor Guard Team. You will often hear firefighters say “never forget.” It’s on their fire trucks. In their fire stations. On their T-shirts. “Honoring this artifact that forever changed the fire service and emergency responses is the least that we can do to remember those who gave all on 9/11, not to forget those who were killed in the line of duty before and after,” LT Olson continued. The public is invited to view this iconic piece as it travels across Cheyenne’s I-80 and down I-25. The Cheyenne Firefighters would like to remind everyone to exercise extreme caution while doing so and to be sure that they are not creating any traffic hazards. Firefighters from Cheyenne Fire and Rescue, LCFD1 and 2, FE Warren, Crash Fire from the Guard, and the Brigade of Holly Frontier will be staged on the overpasses of College Drive and High Plains. Lane adjustments will be in place to accommodate the fire apparatus, many firefighters, and a flag arch. #shortgo