Mayor Kaysen speaks on WINhealth closure

Only days ago, it was reported that WINhealth was beginning to shut down , and no longer taking any new contracts. The process has started for the Department of Insurance to take over, and make sure existing costumers' accounts are properly reconciled. This means, many Wyoming employers, including the City of Cheyenne, need to find a new carrier by the first of the year. Approximately 525 city employees are being affected by this change, and that's not including those employees' dependents and city retirees, Mayor Rick Kaysen tells Shortgo. Kaysen said the current employees contracted with WINhealth will be managed by the Department of Insurance during the transition. In the meantime, employees are still able to see their existing care physicians. In the coming weeks, meetings are scheduled with the Department of Insurance to look for another health insurance provider for the city. #shortgo