Sunrise Elementary raises funds to help with kindergartner's leukemia treatments

For Sunrise Elementary School of Cheyenne, October was a month for students to show cancer awareness. The local kindergartner was diagnosed with cancer last January, and has been battling and undergoing several leukemia treatments since. Heather Blakely-Voyles, fifth grade teacher and Stage III breast cancer survivor, has been supporting the student through her own experience as a survivor, and has been working with fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at the school to help raise funds for the fellow student. "In only three days, we raised $930 from the students and their families," Blakely-Voyles said. "Which is really incredible to see how supportive these kids have been." Student council sold superhero rubber ducks to the students to help raise funds for the cause, and students wore orange, the Childhood Leukemia Awareness color. Blakely-Voyles said the PTO *Be A Hero *theme has had enormous positive feedback, with more students joining the program than in previous years. February will be the school's 'Pennies for Patients' fund raiser, in efforts to help pay toward medical bills for leukemia patients. #shortgo