Blind Joe from "The Voice" meets Riverton family Monday night

Local County 10 reader shared a heartwarming story about a celebrity visiting Wind River County this week: The story involved, in Lisa’s words, “the wonderfully talented contestant from TV’s “The Voice”, Blind Joe.” The entertainer played last night at The Landing Lounge in Riverton, and Lisa said she and her other half went to see the performance, but their 14-year-old daughter, who is in a wheelchair, couldn’t enter because the venue was a bar and she was underage. “Our 14 year-old daughter Lilly is a huge fan and was upset when she couldn’t go in,” Lisa told “Our wonderful friend France Case talked to Joe and his wife Leanne and told them about Lilly being a huge fan and that she couldn’t go because of her age,” Williams said. “They told us to go get her and when we brought her, they graciously went outside and hung out and took pictures with her, making her entire day! To top that off, they even went to the trouble of going all the way down to KFC to meet and say hi to our Son Billy Leasure! They really went above and beyond for our family and we will be forever grateful to them both.” So, there are some good celebs out there. Thanks Blind Joe and his wife and thanks to Lisa Williams for sharing this heartwarming story. ​h/t Lisa Williams [#shortgo](/tag/shortgo)