Five Cheyenne-themed costumes to try this weekend

The weekend is almost here, Halloween will be taking over the town, and you still haven't decided on a costume. No need to worry, here's a list of five Cheyenne-themed costumes that are sure to win the party over: 1. Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Clown *Jean overalls, over-sized button-up, cowboy hat, and bright-colored face paint* ​ 2. 19th Century Wyoming Politician - Francis E. Warren *Large handlebar mustache, small round specs, gelled hair part, and a black business suit* ​ 3. Union Pacific Railroad worker *Newsboy hat, button-up shirt, suspenders, loose pants, (fake) railroad pick optional* ​ 4. Mildred Harris (actress) previously married to Charlie Chaplin (comedian) - Born in Cheyenne, WY *Big curly hair, red lipstick, lace dress, pearl necklace, fur coat* 5. Old fashioned cowboy *Cowboy hat, rope, long sleeved button-up shirt, jeans, boots* ​ #shortgo