The easiest and healthiest treat for Halloween; A How-to

We have the simplest, healthiest and CUTEST snack for your Halloween party or kids' school snack. It's easy and we've got your 5 steps below. *You'll need clementines, celery and a knife. * [image: 0 (11)] *1. Grab a bunch of cutie clementines.* [image: Oranges (1)] *2. Peel a clementine.* [image: Wb45Y5] [image: WQ0Y_F] *3. Chop some celery.* [image: Qydkxm] *4. Insert celery into clementine. * [image: HniWED] *5. Ta you have yummy, and healthy, pumpkins!* [image: 0-4] Share a recipe with us to try! #shortgo