UPDATE: 56-year-old man arrested for DUI and reckless driving after causing three vehicle accident

UPDATE: Around 5:30 pm Thursday afternoon a pickup truck, driven by 56-year-old man Jody Malm, hit a Toyota 4-Runner on Storey Blvd. which caused it to overturn and hit a red car attempting to pull into their driveway, Public Information Officer Dan Long said. Malm was taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center for a minor cut, and was then arrested for driving under the influence and reckless driving, said Long. Minor injuries were reported on all accounts. The Toyota 4-Runner, driven by a male, was transported to CRMC for neck pain. The older couple of the car were seen for minor injuries. --------------- We tip our hats to Jonathan Nicodemus for the photo and description of the scene: Around six this evening, there was a three-car vehicle accident on Storey Blvd. near the intersection of Crow Rd. The vehicles involved looked to be what was a small red pickup, a white Toyota 4Runner, and a silver full-size pickup. It appeared the red pickup was parked in the driveway in front of the garage, which was then pushed into by the silver pickup traveling westbound. It is uncertain what direction the 4Runner was headed. However, as Nicodemus judged by the tracks on the road, it appeared the silver pickup crossed over the center of the road into the path of the 4Runner, which was either eastbound, or coming out onto Storey from a side street. #shortgo will up date this as more information becomes available.