The most precious and most WYOMING proposal yet

Hayden Bales and Susan Maslak of Cody are happily engaged to be married. How they got engaged might just be the cutest and most authentically Wyoming proposal we could imagine. *​(h/t Annalea Avery Photography)* We have to agree with local photographer Annalea Avery , who said of the couple during their engagement shoot, “One of the most unique proposal stories yet….. I think the moose paddle tells it all. She said yes!” ​*​(h/t Annalea Avery Photography)* “I used a dremel tool, and it took close to 30 hours,” said Hayden of his proposal carving in the moose paddle. “I hung it in a tree with the ring tied around it the night before, and we rode up there on horseback the next day, and I asked her.” It turned out, this particular moose paddle had special meaning to Susan. “When I found the moose paddle about three years ago, she asked me if she could have it,” Hayden said. “I told her if she ended up marrying me she could have it.” Sometimes wishes come true in ways we didn’t quite expect! Here’s to TRUE WYOMING LOVE! Congrats and well wishes, Hayden and Susan!! *​(h/t Annalea Avery Photography)* photo: ​(h/t Annalea Avery Photography) #shortgo