Split opinion on the new state license plate making its debut in 2017

Last week we shared a photo of the new Wyoming license plate set to be released in 2017, and we asked you to tell us what you thought of the new design. We compiled all of our readers’ comments from across Wyoming, and it turns out we are a divided State. About 49% of you “like” the design, while 51% of you “dislike” it. ​ One thing is certain though, you all have very strong opinions about the design. Below are some of your positive, and negative, comments: + “As long as steamboat continues to buck across the plate anything behind him is just gravy.” – Donna Rosenlieb, Oil City reader + “Absolutely love it.” – Sherrie Bomar Kelso Urban, Basin Reboot reader + “I like it. I first saw Flattop Mountain on a Wyoming Travel Poster and knew I had to visit it someday . . . It is a dramatic design for a license plate; I only wish the mountain itself wouldn’t be blocked by the numbers . . . maybe the mountain could be brought over to the left.” – Dick Winslow, County 10 reader – “Unless you’re from WY, this scene is not iconic. So, I guess I’m disappointed.” – Beverly Horyza – “Too much blue…mono colored…kinda…bland.” – Linda Ferguson, Oil City reader – “Move the 0’s so I can see it!” – Thom Sheue, Buckrail reader What do you guys think? Send us a facebook message and let us know. Photo provided by Wyoming Department of Transportation/ #shortgo