Ten Sleep Game Warden assists with locked buck antlers after deadly combat

(Ten Sleep, Wyo.) – In wild Wyoming, we coexist with many animals. We’re accustomed to seeing groups of deer off the highway, and even in town they’re often walking right through our front yard. But, seeing two bucks stuck together like this is certainly a rare sight. Carol Greet shared these photos and video with us from her home about 20 miles south of Ten Sleep. She said in her blog post , “Two bucks had their antlers locked together. One was down, the other still standing, head down, attached in deadly combat with his opponent.” *​h/t Carol Greet/* Carol immediately called the Tensleep Game Warden, Tom Desomber, who came out to assist. Desomber told Basin Reboot, “When we got there, we could see the two whitetail bucks, and it looked like the two were jousting. As we got closer, we saw one buck was already dead, and the other was fine, just stuck.” Desomber worked to free the bucks, and added that it appeared the two had been stuck for quite some time, possibly the entire day. “I’ve only seen this twice in my career. It’s rare, but it does happen,” said Tom. Carol ended her blog post with this: “The story ended as best as it could. Luck was on the side of the young buck today. With deer season over, he’ll have peace and quiet. Thank you T. and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department!” H/t Carol Greet for sharing the video of the rescue: ​h/t Carol Greet/ #shortgo