Cheyenne welcomes Ethnic Hair Care to the community

The Chamber of Commerce hosted the Red Carpet Event to welcome Cheyenne's newest hair care salon, *Ethnic Hair Care*. Owned and operated by Lali Gunn and Andrew Stovall, the new business partners wanted a way to better-serve their large clientele base and be able to offer their specialized services to the whole Cheyenne community. ​*Ethnic Hair Care and Cuts - h/t: ** * After both graduating from IBMC College, the two sat down and realized that their combined expertise in hair care could bring Cheyenne a brand new specialized offering. Originally from Philadelphia, Andrew "Philly" Stovall moved to Cheyenne ten years ago after being stationed at F.E. Warren Air Force base. After the military, he decided to stay in Cheyenne and pursue his passion for hair care. His interest in cutting hair began at the early age of 12, regularly asked by his friends and peers to cut hair. ​​*Ethnic Hair Care and Cuts - h/t: ** * "It's been a long time coming, for me, since being here in 2005 and in the military, everyone has been wondering when I'm going to be opening up [shop]...everyone's been anticipating it for a while now," Stovall said. Both have plans to expand in the near future, taking on new specialized employees and having the ability to further broaden their customer base. "Lali has a strong clientele base, we met through mutual friends and then again at IBMC. We started talking about opening shop and trying to figure out how many clients we each had at the time, about 75-80 clients a piece," Stovall said. ​​​*Ethnic Hair Care and Cuts - h/t: ** * Stovall specializes in hair cuts, fades, and designs, while Lali specializes in dreadlocks, weaves, twists, braids, hair extensions, and wig design. "It was back in January when we both sat down, and thought, 'it would be crazy to open up shop together' and now here we are five months later," Stovall said. ​​​​*Ethnic Hair Care and Cuts - h/t: ** * *Ethnic Hair Care* is located at 1804 Capitol Avenue in downtown Cheyenne. Walk-ins are welcome, for appointments with Lali call (970)388-9241, for an appointment with Andrew, call (307)256-4865. #shortgo