Wyoming has voted; here are the state's Top 10 historical artifacts

In celebration of 125 years of Wyoming statehood, the Wyoming State Historical Society, in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries, invited the public to vote for their favorite Wyoming Artifact this past month. Voting ended Sept. 30th and the winners are....drum roll.... 10th Place: South Pass City State Historic Site, Timber Framed, 10 Stamp California Quartz Mill. [image: 12049140_527377750743999_4936257838700173824_n.jpg] 9th Place: Museum of the Mountain Man, Pinedale. Two rare glass plate stereo views circa 1859 by Albert Bierstadt [image: MMM.-Bierstadt-Stereoview-Combo.150-dpi.14x12.jpg] 8th Place: Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Center, Cody. Eighteen ration tickets used in 1905 by Arapaho families on the Wind River Indian Reservation. [image: NA.704.23-.7-.8-.17-Medium-900x524.jpg] 7th Place: University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository. Four Clovis Projectile Points collected at the Colby Site. [image: Colby-points-500-dpi-730x272.jpg] 6th Place: University of Wyoming Geological Museum. Apatosauraus Excelsus (Brontosaurus). Excavated by Charles Whitney Gilmore. [image: pan2_cropped-730x387.jpg] 5th Place:Campbell County Rockpile Museum. Sheepwagon made by Frank George, Gillette, Wyoming. [image: Daly-Sheepwagon-Gillette-WY-730x584.jpg] 4th Place: Whitney Art Museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West. “The Last of the Buffalo: by Albert Bierstadt, 1899. [image: Last-of-Buffalo-730x456.jpg] 3rd Place: American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming. Bridger-Collins Map, 1863, depicting area destined to become Wyoming. [image: ah001048.jpg] 2nd Place: Tate Geological Museum for “Dee” the Mammoth. [image: DeeMammoth_Image-730x480.jpg] 1st Place: Natrona County Public Library for the Original Wyoming Flag. [image: Wyoming-Flag-730x473.jpg] #shortgo #dally