Wyoming hunter has a grizzly bear encounter and survives

*Photo: Grizzly (h/t Catherine Lall via Shutterstock)* The Game and Fish Department reported this morning that a grizzly bear incident occurred on Tuesday, November 3 near the Clark Fork River about a mile and a half from the Wyoming/Montana border. The hunter, who asked to remain anonymous, reported that he had a run-in with a grizzly bear around 11:30 a.m. Game and Fish responded immediately, and the hunter was located in a riparian area which was covered in extremely thick sage brush, about 5-6 feet tall. From the evidence gathered by Game and Fish, it looked like the hunter likely jumped the grizzly in a daybed. Dusty Lasseter of Wyoming Game and Fish reported, “The bear came towards him, knocked him down and ran off. The hunter sustained minor injuries, but was in good spirits following the incident.” Game and Fish attempted to trap the bear, but it didn’t localize and they didn’t see any sign of it in the area. Lasseter added, “bears are still active at this time of year.” Some bears have started hibernating, but not all have. “We’re still seeing bears in riparian areas and low elevations,” explained Lasseter. Be extra vigilant if you are hunting or otherwise recreating in these areas. Learn more here . #shortgo