Local citizens gathered at the NRA Action Pistol Competition at Otto Road Shooting Range

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Otto Road Shooting Range members and other local concealed carry permit citizens gathered this morning at the shooting range for the National Rifle Association Action Pistol competition. *​Andy Rayland Msgt USAF (Retired), explains the point system at the NRA Action Pistol competition. h/t: Pitchengine Communities* The NRA Action Pistol competition is a dynamic discipline within action shooting sports. One of the three challenges in the competition, The Moving Target, is a chance for shooters to fire under pressure with a combination of speed and accuracy. All shots are fired drawing from the holster, from a set distance, and done under time constraints which establishes par times for each stage of fire. *​Glenn Herbst starts up the generator for The Moving Target. h/t: Pitchengine Communities*​ Before shooters are allowed to participate, they're expected to attend the mandatory briefing before the event, which includes safety guidelines and specific expectations from each shooter. Then, it's time to "load and make ready." *​Andy Rayland goes over the safety guidelines of the course and particular requirements from each of the shooters during the day's events. h/t: Pitchengine Communities * *​NRA Action Pistol participants prepare for The Moving Target challenge. h/t: Pitchengine Communities* The Moving Target allows shooters 24 shots at each 10 yard line and 15 yard line, with a 6 shot limit at each pass. It's a challenging and exciting combination, that is sure to increase confidence in shooters the more disciplined they become. *​A timed shooter aims at The Moving Target. h/t: Pitchengine Communities* *​John Granner scores a shooter's accuracy during a NRA Action Pistol competition. h/t Pitchengine Communities* Justin Clark, Otto Road Shooting Range member, participates in the NRA Action Pistol competition during the Texas Mover challenge on Sunday: Otto Road Shooting Range is a members only range located 8 miles west of Cheyenne, on Otto Road. During the month of November, they'll be collecting non-perishable goods to donate to Needs Inc. of Cheyenne. For more information about the range, visit their website here . *Feature photo: Glenn Herbst, John Granner, Rick Bone, and Andy Rayland pose at one of the NRA Action Pistol competition berms at Otto Road Shooting Range. h/t: Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #whatshappening