Save The Bear: Locals advocate to save one of Cheyenne's iconic art pieces

We tip out hats to Ballet_Wyoming for capturing this inspirational snap of the iconic carved bear on Warren Avenue: A local woman was notified by the City of Cheyenne in 2011 that she would have to pay to cut down the stump in her front yard. The stump that she and her late husband paid to have carved into a bear by a local artist, news reports state. City code requires that any trees with dried up stumps need to be removed from the right-of-way. Many local residents have joined in on efforts to save the bear. "This bear is more than merely a stump. It's a childhood memory, it's a landmark, it's a piece of Cheyenne's history," writes Fred Harsha on the online petition site created by a Cheyenne resident. Mayor Rick Kaysen has since put a stop to any immediate action on the bear's removal, and is working with the owner to come to a solution. ​*​h/t: Pitchengine Communities* *​**​h/t: Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news