Update your emergency kit in your vehicle this winter

With weather getting colder, and the wind getting stronger, it's always safe to know how to be prepared for the cold weather ahead. The City of Cheyenne gives tips on how to survive hazardous Wyoming winter weather. *Update the emergency kit in your vehicle with:* - Shovel - Ice scraper and small broom - Flashlight - Battery powered radio - Extra batteries - Water - Snack food - Extra hats, socks and mittens - First aid kit and pocket knife - Medication - Blanket - Tow chain or rope - Booster cables - Emergency flairs or flags Snow plows are a major factor in keeping the roads clear and safe for winter travels, the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County snow plow areas are mapped out below: *Legend of snow plan areas. h/t: ​Cheyenne and Laramie County Cooperative GIS (CLCCGIS) Program/Pitchengine Communities* *Area 1 boundaries:* West: I-25 with the exception of: 1)Warren Air Force Base: and 2)Western Hills Subdivisionwest of I-25 and south of Brittany Drive. North: North of Four Mile Road from I-25 on the west toWhitney Road (or the imaginary line extending Whitney road) on the east. East and South: East of Whitney Road (or a line extending Whitney Road) to where it intersects with Four Mile Road on the north, and Speedway Drive (or a line extending Speedway Drive) on the south, and I-25 on the west, with the exception of: Saddle Ridge subdivision. Archies Road and all roads intersecting Archies Road south of Pershing Blvd. *Area 2 boundaries:* The Area outside of zone 1 and inside the following: West: A line running north from the state line crossing Happy Jack Road at the landfill and Horse Creek road near county Road 215. The line extends north to a line intersecting with County Road 224, I-25 exit 25, Atlas Interchange North: A line running from the west along County Road 224 to Road 124A. South on County Road 124A to a line consistent with County Road 222, east to County Road 140. East: From County road 222 south along County Road 140 to the Colorado state line. *Area 3 boundaries:* The area outside of zone 2 extending to the county and state lines. *Feature photo: Amanda Sandlin/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news