Learn more about VA Loans with Central Bank & Trust

*What are VA Loans?* They are a government backed loan for Active and Veteran U.S. Military. *What makes them different from other types of loans?* 1. VA Loans are 100% financing – no down payment is needed. 2. The interest rates are cheaper than with conventional loans. 3. VA Loans require no mortgage insurance. 4. Reduced closing costs. All of this makes it easier for a person who has served in the military to obtain a home. *Can a Veteran do more than one VA loan?* Yes, as long as the other VA loan is paid off. *If you’re a Veteran or Active Military interested in a VA loan how do you get started?* Contact a mortgage professional at Central Bank & Trust. [image: john-back.jpg] John Reynolds Residential Loan Officer NMLS#1310495 307.632.2124 Any Central Bank & Trust Lender would be happy to answer any questions you may have. *Central Bank & Trust*