Cheyenne man charged with child abuse

Cheyenne resident arrested last week, Dennis Larkins, has been charged with a single count of physical child abuse that dates back to January 13, 2011, documents state. Emily Larkins, wife of Dennis Larkins, was arrested four months ago for felony child abuse, and Dennis Larkins arrested last week on simple physical child abuse charges. Dennis Larkins, who regularly cared for the juvenile boy victim, made the juvenile boy hold an upward push-up position for 16 minutes as punishment for arguing with another child, documents state. Documents state the juvenile suffered bruising on his right temple and several scratches on his back when Dennis Larkins allegedly pulled the juvenile's arms behind his head and hit him. Dennis Larkins will have a preliminary hearing Nov. 30, Emily Larkins pleaded not guilty earlier this year to child abuse charges and is awaiting trial. Felony child abuse is punishable by up to, five years in prison and/or, $10,000 fine. #shortgo #news