LCSD1 releases their inclement weather school closure procedure

Although winter weather can cause a myriad of disruptions to daily schedules, Laramie County School District 1 officials strive to minimize the impact on families by periodically releasing information about inclement weather school closure procedures. "In general, if roads are passable and we are able to keep schools warm and buses running, school will be in session," LCSD1 Superintendent John Lyttle explained. Among the variety of factors that come into play when deciding whether to close school, snow and blowing snow causing limited visibility are common reasons for school closures, according to Dave Bartlett, LCSD1 assistant superintendent of support operations. Predictions by the National Weather Service, as well as decisions made by other governmental agencies such as the City, County, and State, factor in to the decisions made by the school district, Bartlett explained. In the case of extreme cold, Lyttle said a specific cut-off temperature is not used to determine school closure. Parents are encouraged to take exrta precautions with their children. Recent demographics indicate nearly 25 percent of the district's students reside in homes with one adult, Lyttle added. In these cases, if other offices across the city remain open, LCSD1 schools provide parents and students with an option. "During extreme cold weather, our goal is to provide a warm, safe, supervised environment for kids. Parents can then determine if they would like to take advantage of that. We encourage parent to dress their children appropriately for extremely cold temperatures and make alternate arrangements such as waiting in a heated car with their child at the bus stop or driving their child to school," Bartlett said. "If parents make the decision to keep their student home, it will be recorded as an excused absence," Lyttle said. School closure decisions made the night before are done prior to the 10 p.m. news broadcast. Morning closure decisions are announce prior to the 5:30 a.m. LCSD1 officials do not call the media to let them know school is in session, Bartlett said. The only time calls are made is if school is canceled. In addition, all-school closures are announced through the district's automated rapid notification system. Weather-related information is also posted on the district's website . #shortgo #news