Cheyenne restaurant giving back to the Comea House for community's homeless

Cheyenne, WY - The Comea House and Resource Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter and food for Cheyenne's homeless, as well as assisting individuals on a path to self-sufficiency. Throughout the month of December, Taco John's restaurants in Cheyenne will be donating a portion of each Nachos Navidad sold, to the Comea House and Resource Center for our community's homeless. "There is no one cause of homelessness, so we collaborate on a variety of levels to provide the assistance needed," said Robin Bocanegra, Executive Director of Comea, Inc. There are currently around 5,000 homeless individuals in Laramie County, according reports made by the Comea House site. *Feature photo: Comea House and Resource Center/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news