Tips on how to avoid common Thanksgiving Day house fires

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - With it being holiday season and things beginning to get a little hectic around the household, we've compiled some go-to preparation tips on avoiding an even bigger headache, house fires. "Unattended cooking equipment is the number one cause of house fires," said Derek Pollnow, Public Information Officer for the Laramie County Fire Department. In which about 35 percent of house fires are related to the unattended cooking. The increase in house fires during the holiday season is partly due to the large amount of people, family and friends, that are visiting a home, people tend to lose track of time and what is cooking in the kitchen, and fires happen quickly. Common household items that are known to start house fires if unattended are; space heaters, lit candles, leaving oven or stove cooking unattended, and leaving flammable items around these such as window curtains or a towel nearby. Here are some safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association: - Stay in the kitchen while cooking and don't leave things unattended. - Stay in the home while cooking turkey and check it frequently. - Keep children away from the stove, a three feet minimum. - Keep kids away from hot liquids to avoid splashes leading to serious burns. - Keep the floor clean and clear of trip hazards. - Keep knives out of the reach of children. - Make sure to keep electrical cords free of dangling and away from children. - Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children. - Never leave a child in a room with a light candle. - Make sure smoke alarms are working and be sure to test them. - Have a kitchen fire extinguisher readily available. If you need to leave the home while something is cooking to run to the grocery store for a forgotten item, DO NOT leave anything on such as a stove while doing so, or have another person monitor the cooking. Grease and water do not mix. It will only worsen the fire, and fire extinguishers won't be much help during the case of a grease fire either. Pollnow suggests people keep on-hand a large amount of baking soda to spread across the fire, and to use something that can smother the fire and stop any oxygen from reaching the flames, and to call 9-1-1 if necessary. Grease fires are a major danger when cooking, especially with that tasty turkey tomorrow. This video shows how NOT to deep fry your turkey, and how quickly a small mistake can turn into a big one. We hope these tips help your family avoid the dangers of a house fire, and instead can enjoy the company of your friends and family! #shortgo #news #health