Wyoming's Department of Environmental Quality approves the City's landfill expansion variance with added conditions

The Department of Environmental Quality writes a letter to the city about additional conditions to the recent variance approval of laws for the Happy Jack landfill expansion. The City of Cheyenne proposed the expansion as the current landfill is nearing capacity, while current municipal solid waste is hauled to a landfill near Ault, Colorado. Landfills are no stranger to having several structural design regulations, but groundwater contamination is unlikely for this expansion, according to reports by the DEQ's Solid and Hazardous Waste Division. Two conditions were added to DEQ's approval to address the issue of residents being notified by the city of a potential water containment. The first is a baseline monitoring of all wells within a half-mile of the expansion before the actual landfill increase, and second, the city would test private wells within a half-mile of the land fill within a 90 day period of a detected contaminant. The actual landfill expansion proposal will undergo a separate permitting process. See the other eight conditions the DEQ proposed to the city in their variance here . #shortgo #news