City Mayor, F.E. Warren, and LCCC president collaborate on mutually beneficial agreements during last week's partnership event

(F.E. Warren Air Force Base) - Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen, 90th Missile Wing commander Col. Stephen Kravitsky, and LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer, signed several documents at the Air Force Community Partnership event in Fall Hall Community Center last week. The Air Force Community Partnership Program aims to reduce operating and service costs through mutual partnerships, that are intended to benefit on a mutual standpoint. The documents signed last week are to benefit both the City and F.E. Warren AFB, some of which include an annual career fair to assist in the transition of active-duty Airmen into civilian careers, and a partnership to allow annual pass holders of the golf course on base and in Cheyenne to play three rounds at each location, along with several other agreements and partnerships. More details about the partnerships and signed agreements can be found here . *Feature photo: USAF by Senior Airman Jason Wiese/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news