Think you can escape the live interactive game room in under 60 minutes? Many Cheyenne residents test out their skills

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Cheyenne's newest and only interactive game made it's grand opening earlier this year with several groups of locals already loving the whole experience. Epic Escape Game of Cheyenne is a live game experience that locks a group in a room of choice for a total of 60 minutes. The team then has to collaborate to find clues, and solve puzzles, to escaping the locked room before time is up. The goal is to solve clues and puzzles in under 60 minutes using the power of the mind. Communication, collaboration, and teamwork are main keys to success. It's a safe exercise that requires logical thinking, problem solving strategies, and analytical skills from all players that result in a fun, and family-oriented live experience. *A team of trainers from LCCC exhibit great teamwork and communication. **h/t: EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* *​A group of siblings enjoy a night of playing games, even when they didn't beat the 60 minute period. **h/t: EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* *​Epic Escape Game's Game room channels everyone's favorite family board games to challenge players before the escape. **h/t: EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* *Epic Escape Game Countdown 2 Kickoff room channels the gameday experience for players to solve riddles and escape in time before the end of the game. h/t: EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* *Wyoming themed Epic Escape Game Saloon room channels the Old West for players to live the legend of Cheyenne. **h/t: EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* ​*h/t: EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* More information on Cheyenne's first live Epic Escape Game experience, located right across from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, can be found on their website here . Or contact owners Sarah Troudt or Jessika Ramirez at (307)514-9314. *Feature photo: **EEG Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news #whatshappening