2015: Our most popular #Snapped posts decided by YOU

Several days a week, we receive photos from our amazing and influential readers, as well as others around the city, and feature their photos as our #snapped post of the day. For 2015, we've compiled our five most popular snapped posts, decided by you, the readers! *5. With over 70 likes, our post on the Top 10 iconic signs that remind us we're Home in Cheyenne made number five on our list.* *4. With 85 likes, our snapped post: Kids swim around while watching 'Elf' during Flick-n-Float , tops as number four on our list.* *​* *3. With 88 likes, our post: Unless you're from Wyoming, you don't know what you're missing , hits number three on our top snapped photos of 2015. * *​* *2. Our post on the winter storm piling up throughout Cheyenne hit 170 likes in 2015; 'We surrender!' Snow piles up outside of a Cheyenne residence .* *​* *1. And last, but certainly not least, our post on the different wildlife throughout this glorious state hit 662 likes! A peek at Winter Wildlife across Wyoming .* *​* *We invite YOU to keep sharing your photos with Shortgo for 2016! Share with us here anytime! * #shortgo #snapped #news