A year-end recap of news that 'wowed' the Shortgo Community in 2015

Over the course of the 2015 year, Cheyenne has experienced some shocking and jaw dropping news that hit close to home for most of us. This year, we're sharing the top five most-read posts by our readers. Here's the 2015 news-worthy recap for the Shortgo Community: *1. The crash landing of the plane on Interstate 80 near Laramie in 2015. BREAKING: Plane crash lands on I-80 near Laramie .* ​ *2. The sad and unfortunate news of the Semi driver who traveled 29 miles after allegedly killing motorcyclist on I-80 in 2015. * *3. The tear-jerking Wyoming Cowboy proposal at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2015. * *4. The 57lbs of marijuana discovered during traffic stop for speeding by Wyoming Highway Patrol in Cheyenne for 2015. * *5. The heartbreaking news of the victims of the double homicide at the coin shop