Cheyenne, Wyoming: Three snaps that perfectly showcase why we love living here in the Capital City

Beautiful scenery lurks the streets [and outskirts] of this Capitol City every single day. And we found three #snapped photos captured, by locals like you, just yesterday! These three recent snaps perfectly sum up why we love living here in Cheyenne, Wyoming: *1. ​We tip our hats to Rachel for this beautiful capture in Cheyenne of grazing horses, wide open spaces, and blue skies as far as the eye can see:* *h/t photo: * *2. "Traffic is a mess today." We tip our hats to Matt M. for his shot of yesterday's Cheyenne commute: * *​h/t photo: * *3. We tip our hats to Liz for this stunning shot of the warm sunlight hitting the frozen trees sitting in Lions Park:* *​**h/t photo: * *Have some more pictures that you think sum up our love for Cheyenne? We'd love to see them and share them! Share with us HERE . :)* #shortgo #news