Cheyenne Police Department reports increase in assaults on police officers in 2015

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Cheyenne Police Department reported today that they have seen an increase in the number of assaults on police officers within Cheyenne in 2015. The CPD, on average, arrests 3,000 suspects a year and have had to use reasonable force to gain compliance at times. In 2015, officers used force above standard handcuffing on 218 individuals while attempting to make an arrest, an increase of 19% from 2014. Of those individuals, 169 of them used physical force against the officer, in which 130 of these cases only one officer was involved in the use of force. Officers have also responded to 35 incidents where the suspect was reported to be armed or actually armed with a deadly weapon. “I am very concerned about the increase in violence towards our officers. With a large number of these incidents involving a response by a sole officer, the safety of our police officers must remain a priority,” said Police Chief Brian Kozak. Each and every use of force incident is reviewed by the department, and based on the analysis and review of these incidents the department establishes and modifies department-wide training concerning use of force. A great deal of the use of force training conducted at the department is done through a state-of-the-art practical use of force simulator that allows officers to train on dozens of different use of force scenarios. These scenarios can adapt and change based on the actions of the officer. *Feature photo: (Pitchengine Communities)* #shortgo #news