WyoLotto Powerball Jackpot at $1.5 billion - what would you do with it?

Chancing your luck with your recent WyoLotto ticket purchase? The Powerball drawing is at 8:59 p.m. Mountain Time tonight, with only a few hours until the drawing. Pitchengine Communities spoke with WyoLotto's CEO, Jon Clontz, who reported that normal Powerball sales usually top out at $500,000, but so far this week (4 days) it's at $2.5 million, last week (7 days) it was at $3 million. The lottery commission had a $3 million dollar loan they were expected to pay off by June, but are now going to be able pay it off by the end of the week! A spokesperson for a store here in Wyoming selling WyoLotto tickets says their store alone has been selling around $1,200 in tickets in a single day. Clontz said he has a hunch that someone will be granted the winnings tonight. So we were curious...what would you do if you won $1.5 billion dollars? #shortgo #news