Pilot instructor and student walk away from golf course emergency landing

Great news today as there's no such thing as 'Golf Season' in January for Wyoming! A flight instructor and student of a singe engine plane made an emergency landing at the Airport Golf Course in Cheyenne earlier this morning . Luckily, both the instructor and student left the scene uninjured, and the plane seems to have no apparent damage, according to a Cheyenne Regional Airport representative. Local emergency vehicles and personnel were quickly on scene, visible by ongoing traffic near Central Avenue and Yellowstone Road. "All is well that ends well. This Cessna is no worse for wear," Cheyenne Regional Airport posted. *h/t photo: ​(Pitchengine Communities)* *​h/t photo: Cheyenne Regional Airport/Pitchengine Communities* *Feature photo: Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news