Woman found dead after family was stranded in blizzard for three days in Snowy Mountain Range area

Albany County Search and Rescue was located and notified yesterday morning in the Snowy Mountain Range that a husband, wife and son have been missing. On Saturday, Jan. 16, the husband and wife, 36, and their son, 18, were snowmobiling just west of the Green Rock parking area off HWY 130 when one of the three snowmobiles became inoperable. Due to high winds and ground blizzards, the family prepared for the night by building a snow cave and starting a fire. On Sunday, Jan. 17, the father heard another snowmobile in the area and left with one of the remaining snowmobiles at camp in hopes of gaining assistance. After a period of time, the snowmobile the father was operating became submerged in a body of water and he took the last remaining snowmobile in an attempt to find help when his handlebars broke, rendering his snowmobile useless. Due to high winds and ground blizzards, the father was forced to build another snow cave for himself and spent Sunday night in the cave. On Monday, Jan. 18, the father was soon located by search teams, which were then diverted to the general area of the father's discovered location until major ground blizzards prevented further search efforts. Search efforts resumed at sunrise this morning, Jan. 19, when teams located the son, at which time it was determined that the mother was deceased. The son was the transported to an awaiting Snow-Cat and shortly thereafter transferred to the Wyoming Air National Guard helicopter where he was immediately airlifted to Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie. The son has since been transported to a Colorado area hospital for further care. #shortgo #news #breaking