Local firefighters need access to all fire hydrants in town

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Cheyenne Fire & Rescue is reminding residents that all fire hydrants throughout the City need to remain accessible at all times. “When fire hydrants are covered with snow, firefighters are unable to locate them quickly and this takes valuable time that can be used to extinguish a rapidly growing fire,” said Fire & Rescue Chief Jim Martin. The Fire Code as adopted by the City reads: *A clear space of three (3) feet shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants.* Vehicles, posts, fences, vegetation, materials or objects shall not be placed or kept near fire hydrants, fire department inlet connections or fire protection system control valves. Cheyenne Fire & Rescue shall not be deterred or hindered from identifying or gaining access to fire protection equipment or fire hydrants. ​ ​City officials recognize the recent snowfall and winds have created challenges for the removal of snow; however, fire hydrants must remain available for fire department resources. *Feature photo: Flickr/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news