License donation program assists disabled hunters

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Successful applicants for big game hunting licenses in Wyoming can now donate their tag as another option for filling it. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department facilitates the donation program for any hunter to surrender their license for reissuance to a veteran with a disability or a person with a permanent disability who uses a wheelchair. The program is authorized by Wyoming state law, and several hunters in Wyoming donate their licenses if he or she is unable to hunt. The experience, for some, is nearly as good as executing the hunt themselves. David Hill from Riverton, Wyoming donated his bighorn sheep license in 2015 to veteran Jim Kniestedt. The two met, and, along with a guide, went on the hunting trip together. “Tagging along on his hunt was much more fun and fulfilling than if the license was in my name. Jim had a great experience, took a nice mature ram, saw beautiful country and had great fall weather to hunt in. He plans to bring his family back next summer for a horseback pack trip,” said Hill. “I hope that more successful license applicants become aware of the option to donate their licenses to disabled veterans. It was a great experience for the recipient of the license, and it was just as special for the donor.” Hunters who wish to donate their license can fill out the Application to Donate a Big Game License and learn more about the requirements on the Game and Fish website. Individuals who are interested in receiving a donated license can also view a listing of what has currently been donated online. #shortgo #news