Cheyenne Police Department analyzes bias-based local policing behavior

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - With several high profile allegations of racial profiling in other cities, the Cheyenne Police Department has looked inward to analyze policing behavior and to identify the key to improving the perceptions about bias-based policing. In 2015 all members of the Cheyenne Police Department attended mandatory training on cultural diversity, which included a review of our policy prohibiting biased-based policing. The data below shows that the department’s pattern of enforcement is consistent with the racial demographics of the city. *Race demographics as recorded on the 9,150 citations issued in 2015:* - White 78% - Ethnicity of Hispanic 15% - Black 5% - American Indian 1% - Asian 1% *Race demographics as recorded on the 218 incidents of police force with resisting suspects:* - White 71% - Ethnicity of Hispanic 17% - Black 7% - American Indian 4% - Asian 1% *2010 US Census:* - White 78% - Ethnicity of Hispanic 15% - Black 3% - American Indian 1% - Asian 2% “The data shows that we are an equal opportunity police agency; we are doing it right. The key to improving the perceptions about bias-based policing is for law enforcement agencies to develop mutual trust between, and respect for, the communities they serve,” said Police Chief Brian Kozak. The Cheyenne Police Department has a Citizen Advisory Committee, where diverse members of the committee meet regularly to discuss issues of concern and learn about police practices. The committee is looking for new members, especially our youth, to share ideas that are important to the future generation, participation with the committee can be used to build a resume. Anyone interested in joining the Citizens Advisory Committee should contact Chief Kozak at 637-6521 or here . Additionally, the Cheyenne Police Department is seeking applicants with diverse backgrounds to test to become police officers. Interested applicants should learn about the opportunities here . #shortgo #news #whatshappening