BREAKING: Wyoming Senate votes against Medicaid expansion

In a 10-20 vote, the Wyoming Senate has declined to expand Medicaid. The budget amendment failed after quite a bit of debate on both sides of the issue. The expansion, which could bring coverage to 20,000 residents and help balance the state's budget, was declined. "You've heard the numbers...but I also believe it is important to consider Wyoming hospitals, especially in rural areas," said Sen. Bernadine Craft. "16.7 percent in non-expansion states have already closed....I will ask you to support this amendment for our economy, for our businesses, for our hospitals, and for our people." Sen. John Tester spoke of the $268 million of "our hard earned tax dollars" that would be coming back to Wyoming during the current economic downturn. "It's bad," said Sen. Scott. "It isn't going to do much good for the health status of the people who will be covered." He went on to say he believed the about half of the people who this would benefit already have some kind of coverage. He also said it will go to help people who want retire early not have to work, essentially so they can wait for Medicare. Sen. Dockstader also urged caution, noting that it's hard to cut down on smaller programs right now, but cutting the expansion in two years would be difficult as well. The addition of Medicaid expansion will still need to pass approval by the House side of things before proponent Matt Mead can make it into law. #shortgo #buckrail #reboot #county10 #springcity #dally #county17 #oilcity #bootstrapped