Pitchengine Communities is bringing Jason Kintzler to Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Pitchengine Communities Founder and CEO, Jason Kintzler will be joining the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce for a special speaking engagement on Tuesday, February 23. As part of the Brand New Rodeo tour, Jason will highlight the importance of your brand and how businesses can connect with their communities in a whole new way. Kintzler will be speaking to a group of 30+ business leaders of Cheyenne. The event is full. Quote from Stephanie, Vice President of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. [image: 145e44af-ac23-4882-853d-51ed98d80707.jpg] Jason Kintzler bootstrapped his startup, Pitchengine , from small town Wyoming in 2009 and has grown the company into a global marketing technology serving brands like Walmart, Budweiser, Zappos and more. He’ll provide new perspective on what’s happening to marketing and how businesses of all sizes can adapt…or slowly become irrelevant. [image: 8a7c53e7-b7c6-4c98-bd87-5e8a9443de50.png] He’s a Wyoming native who’s passionate about connecting communities and is doing so with PitchEngine Communities — a new model that’s already changing the face of small town media in communities across Wyoming. Brands like County 10 , Oil City , Reboot , Dally , Buckrail , Shortgo , County 17 , Spring City and Bootstrapped are already connecting communities like never before. #shortgo #news