The 2016 Budget Session reaches midway point; 157 bills remain active

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Wyoming Legislature has officially reached the midway point for the 2016 Budget Session, Feb. 23. Today was the last day for third reading in the house of origin, any legislation that did not successfully pass third reading in the primary house Tuesday will not go on for further consideration in the opposite chamber. A total of 279 bills and resolutions were numbered for introduction at the start of the session, and 157 bills remain active. Eighty bills have moved from the Senate to the House for consideration and 77 bills from the House on to the Senate for deliberation. Eighty-two of the numbered bills were not considered or failed the introduction vote. The bills that have passed in their primary house, must now gain approval of the second house and be sent to the Governor for consideration before becoming state law. In addition, legislators are finishing work on the State’s 2017-2018 biennial budget, spending this week reconciling the differences between the final Senate and House versions of the budget bill through a joint conference committee. After each Chamber votes to concur on the conference committee’s action, the bill will be sent to the Governor for his consideration. Lawmakers expect to wrap up the 2016 Budget Session by March 4. The public can track a bill and their progress as the session continues, here . #shortgo #news