University of Wyoming releases list of Fall Semester Graduates from Laramie County

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The University of Wyoming announced today, March 1, the list of students accorded degrees for the 2015 fall semester. The complete list of spring semester graduates can be found here . The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSCH (Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering); BSCP (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering); BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science); BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering); BSES (Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems Sciences); BSFC (Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences); BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering); BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing); BSPE (Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering); CERT (Certificate); MA (Master of Arts); MBA (Master of Business Administration); and MS (Master of Science). *Students are:* *Albin* Stephen P. Schmidt BSME *Burns* Olivia Monique Sanchez BA *Carpenter* Brittany L. Redenbaugh BS Marshall Landis Sconyers BS *Cheyenne* Haley J. Atkins BA Kersten Bartelt BSN Melissa Andon Bischoping BS Jordan Bohin BA Taylor Mae Bollenberg BSN Joshua J. Brooksmith BS Cody R. Campbell BS Ashley Carr BSFC Summer Fay Atalig Cepeda BS Maureen A. Chavez BS Emily Clark BA David Allan Collins MS Joshua Q. Cook BSCP Tara L. Cook BSN Cora Lee Craig BSPE David James Crane BS and BSCS Robert Curran BA Heidi R. Daniel BSN Amanda R. DeMello BS Blake Ryan Donoho BS Ryan Stuart Felde-Vassallo BS and BSCH Alisha Nichole Figueroa BSN Danielle L. Fisch BS Emma Fontana-Cain BS Zachary B. Gains BSEE Nicholas L. Ganison BA Hannah Nicole Gilliland MS Mercedes K. Goepfert BS Rebecca Y. Grenvik BS Casey Greubel BSCS Ashley Michelle Hartz BA Jake T. Hirsig BSEE Karolyn M. Hopfensperger BSEE Nathaniel Thomas Kanbe BA Zachary Alan Kelsey BSME Brianna N. Kilpatrick BS Dionysios I. Lambousis BS Jessica Lemaster BA Charlette E. Lessenger BA Mackenzi P. Linde BA Christopher Dominick Martinez MS Spencer Patrick Moul BSCH Eric Michael Ogle BSES Taylor P. Olson BS and BSCS Emily Rose Pacheco BS Daniel Joseph Peel BSME Clistie Pollock CERT Kaitlyn Rosemarie Roadifer MBA Billy D. Roberts BSEE Carol Lyn Roome BAS Kimberly Susan Sanchez BA Bonnie Ellen Saville BS Adam T. Schaefer BA Lacey D. Shandera BS Jay K. Smith BS Kyle Richard Sucharski BA Angela R. Tapia BA Kylie M. Taylor BA Patricia Mae Tryon BSN Lucy L. Williams BAS Nicole Williams BSN James Williamson BS Brook Yearsley MA Holland Claire-Diehl Zuiker BA *Pine Bluffs* Elizabeth C. Garcia BSDH Paul A. Garcia BS Chelsea Ann Leyes BSN *Congratulations to these outstanding students! * #shortgo #news