Mead preserves anti-bullying funding in final budget bill vetoes

Gov. Matt Mead late yesterday signed the 2016-2017 biennium budget bill into law, but not before making a number of line item vetoes. And he pointedly indicated it is the Legislature that is forcing the cuts. "In my view the Legislature missed a critical opportunity this session to move forward with Medicaid expansion," he wrote in a letter to Senate President Phil Nicholas. "As a result an additional $30 million needed to be cut from the budget. Needless to say, I am disappointed in this missed opportunity for Wyoming and Wyoming citizens." But not all of his cuts eliminated actual funds from the budget. In one case, Mead vetoed a footnote that would have prohibited any Department of Education funds from being spent on anti-bullying programs. "The Department of Education has the statutory obligation to address school climate and student well-being as part of its accreditation and school improvement function. The prohibition would negatively affect this obligation," he wrote. Mead also eliminated a number of footnotes that would have prohibited agencies for asking for renewals for funding for certain programs in the next biennium. Other vetoes addressed separation of power issues and protected litigation funding from being spent on other matters. For a complete look at the finished budget and Mead's vetoes, see the budget bill here and the veto list below. [image: cb6fb03c-f059-444c-9722-e3b49908eb17.png][image: 5f2b6b0b-cc3d-431f-8067-165e45ce44b3.png][image: 200b2bbb-9541-4bc0-be19-c3b13eb7cb8d.png][image: 17005da3-74c0-4045-b81e-96ae21c528a2.png] #shortgo #buckrail #county10 #reboot #springcity #county17 #oilcity #news