Cheyenne's Vice Admiral Francis McInerney honored at Wyoming State Museum

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The hat and epaulets from the official uniform of Vice Admiral Francis Xavier McInerney are on display as the Object of the Month at the local Wyoming State Museum. Francis Xavier McInerney, born in Cheyenne, March 28, 1899, was the first Wyoming Native to become a United States Navy Vice Admiral. He received his commission from the United State Naval Academy in June, 1921. *​h/t photo: Wyoming State Parks/Pitchengine Communities* Lieutenant Commander McInerney assumed command of the destroyer USS Smith in May, 1940 after serving on a variety of ships, participating in battles against the Japanese near the Solomon Islands, and fought in the Battle of the Coral Sea. McInerney assumed command of the battleship USS Washington in June, 1945 and was later made Commanding Officer of Treasure Island Naval Receiving Station. During the Korean War, now Vice Admiral McInerney served as Commander Joint Amphibious Task Forces Seven, Seventy-Six, and Ninety-Two. He retired on June 30, 1955 and died a year later. *Feature photo: MaritimeQuest/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news