Happy 105th Birthday, Historic Plains Hotel

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Members of the community joined in on the 105th birthday celebration of the Historic Plains Hotel and the Grand ReOpening under new management, March 9. Several big names showed up to speak at the Grand Opening such as Governor Matt Mead, Mayor Rick Kaysen, and the new hotel owner Astrid. "This hotel deserves our most special care and protection, it deserves a revitalization of the authentic core," Astrid said. "Hospitality is a combination of service and caring...excellent hospitality is the combination of caring a love." The hotel now has 130 fully restored guest rooms ready for a visitor's stay. "When I think about the Historic Plains Hotel, I think of a few things; historic value, elegance, charm, beauty, dignity, and the legends that have taken place at this great facility," Mayor Kaysen said. It was also announced at the event this evening that the new name of the restaurant within the hotel will now be re-named as 'Wheatgrass Seafood and Steak'. *Governor Matt Mead with Councilman Johnson of Ward III* *Gov. Mead speaking at the 105th anniversary at the Plains Hotel* *Gov. Matt Mead speaking at Grand ReOpening of Plains Hotel* *h/t photos: Pitchengine Communities​* #shortgo #news #whatshappening