Development continues as Holmes Building gets purchased in Cheyenne’s historic West Edge

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Warehouse Twenty One, a local advertising and marketing agency, announced today that they have purchased the Holmes property on the historic West Edge, Mar. 15. ​ ​*Warehouse Twenty One at 822 W. 23rd St. h/t Pitchengine Communities* “Our current location is already an anchor site for this part of Cheyenne, and we enjoy rehabilitating buildings and being entrepreneurs. We also share a love for this community, which is what made the Holmes property perfect for us,” Dean Dexter, Warehouse Twenty One co-owner and CBO, said. The Holmes property, 723 West 21st St., was once owned by Harold W. Holmes, co-founder of Taco John’s. Warehouse Twenty One's acquisition is part of the company's overarching plans for continued growth in the area. ​*Warehouse Twenty One logo already appears on the garage door of the Holmes Building. h/t Pitchengine Communities* Cheyenne’s West Edge project connects Cheyenne’s historic downtown with its railroad, warehouse district, and industrial areas to create a re-energized hub for businesses, shops, restaurants, and parks with the goal of encouraging a vibrant city center capable of growing the local economy. “The city has been great in supporting our passion for developing the West Edge. We want to continue to champion the area’s new direction and character as we’ve done since we opened Warehouse Twenty One (in 2007), and we hope this encourages other businesses to consider the West Edge and become involved in reimagining this part of Cheyenne,” Dave Teubner, Warehouse Twenty One co-owner and CEO, said. ​*Holmes building. h/t Pitchengine Communities* *Current address of Warehouse Twenty One only a few blocks away from their newest acquisition on 21st St. h/t Pitchengine Communities* Development for Warehouse Twenty One is slated to begin in two years as the company co-locates its current headquarters, 822 W. 23rd St, and its east business park warehouse facilities at the Holmes location. #shortgo #bootstrapped #news