Cheyenne YMCA's 'You've Been Flocked' fundraiser a success

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Ever wonder what those flocks of flamingos were doing all over town? In support of their most recent fundraiser, Cheyenne Family YMCA's Aquatic Center were able to recently purchase some new equipment all thanks to plastic pink birds. Their Flamingo Fundraiser generated a total of $1,361, according to Cheyenne Family YMCA. *h/t photos: Cheyenne Family YMCA/Pitchengine Communities* ​From Jan. 26 until Feb. 14, residents across Cheyenne made donations to the center to be able to send a Flock of Flamingos to take over and 'migrate' to a friend's, family's, or co-worker's lawn. It was a fun, Valentine-inspired, way of showing your love for sometime while also being able to support the local activity center. "Thank you everyone for a great response and participation. The flock has flown south...but 'they'll be back,'" the YMCA posted today, Mar. 17. *Feature photo: Cheyenne Family YMCA/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news