Mother/daughter duo donate handmade blankets to Sheriff's Dept. to help 'comfort a scared child'

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Cheyenne local, Robin Layton, made a second donation to the Laramie County Sheriff's Office today, Mar. 18. Layton, a Loaf N' Jug clerk here in town, told Pitchengine Communities that she got the idea to donate her handmade crafts from her mother. "The whole blanket donation/gift giving came from my mom," Layton wrote. "She purchased the material and is the one that wanted to donate them to the Sheriff's Department." The generous duo wanted a way to help make a difference, and give Sheriffs a way to comfort a scared child when dispatched to a scene. "We did it so that if they come to a call with a scared child, they would have something to give them, or if they found a child that needs one, they had one." Layton told Pitchengine Communities that is take her and her mother about an hour and a half per blanket to complete. Twenty-two blankets were donated by Layton and her mother just before Christmas, and donated 18 more just today, creating enough handmade blankets to fill three whole bags for the department to use to comfort those in need. *Another one of Layton's handmade quilt she made for her daughter. h/t Robin Layton/Pitchengine Communities * ​*Layton's handmade quilt for her daughter. h/t Robin Layton/Pitchengine Communities * *Feature photo: Laramie County Sheriff's Office/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news