8,000 miles, 13 states, and Shortino's faith has led him to Cheyenne

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - For three years and one month, Joe Shortino has been traveling over 8,000 miles across the U.S., covering thirteen states, on a journey to show his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. "This walk isn't just about walking across America, could have already done that...this is about connecting with people and encouraging them in ways that only God can," Shortino wrote to Pitchengine Communities today, Mar. 23. "This walk is way bigger than a guy with a stick, cross, and flags. It's about the heart of what we Americans are about and one that is rooted in a FAITH that is unwavering." Shortino reported to Pitchengine Communities that he travels without money and goes where the Lord sends him. He said he has never had to sleep on the street or has never gone hungry, "I have a family that follows me that is getting in their truck to bring me soup now. I'm blessed." On his most current journey to Wyoming, his plans to head out east to Kansas were changed due to city-wide closures and cancellations from today's hazardous blizzard. "I was in Colorado and hung around to pray with Franklin Graham at the Capitol, I came to Cheyenne as it was easier to catch bus from here than from Denver. God had a reason for me being here. My steps are only ordered by Him." Stuck in Cheyenne for at least another day, Shortino said he is using this time to pray and catch up on things he needs to do. "I'm fine. I enjoy the people of Wyoming so much. When I return to Colorado to see my wife I have plans to return to Casper before heading out again the next time as I have had so many offers to come back," Shortino said. "I will walk Kansas and pray over the people there and believe God will move in a mighty way. If I'm here again tomorrow I will walk in this storm with a little cross," Shortino said. *h/t photo: Joe Shortino/Pitchengine Communities* ​Shortino posted the above photo on Facebook this morning with the caption: "Well I'm here in Cheyenne Wyoming and was suppose to catch bus this morning to Kansas, but am stuck here in a motel in Cheyenne in a blizzard. PTL his ways are above mine. Will know tonight if buses have been cancelled again. I will spend time with The Lord and catch up on my posts of people I have met. Keep Fighting the Good Fight!!!" Shortino reported that he is staying at the Ranger motel and left with saying, "May God Bless AMERICA Again!!!" If you see Joe around town, give him a honk or wave to help bless him on his journey. *Feature photo: Joe reported that he gained the American Flag in Texas on the 4th of July (2015) and the Lord told him to let it fly, and he picked up the POW flag in Arizona from a Vietnam Veteran. (Pitchengine Communities)* #shortgo #news #whatshappening