Today's 5 morning Snow Day snaps

Well, today is one of those rare Wyoming winter days where the whole City closes for a...SNOW DAY! Here's our top Snow Day posts this morning from Cheyenne users: *1. Paramount Cafe is braving the cold and serving Cheyenne its caffeine (for now)!* *2. Shelby says, "Oh, hello Winter! *Ahem*...Spring! You're never boring, Wyoming."* *3. Clayton Bullock shared this early morning snap as says, "First week of Spring...well played Mother Nature, well played."* *4. Audrey Jansen posted this photogenic bridge early this morning as said, "It's like Christmas morning out there!"* *5. Shawna Lackey says, "Holy smokes.... This is what I woke up to this morning!" We definitely feel you there!* *Bonus: These were our morning views... a lot like every one else's! * Share your snow snaps with us here ! *Feature photo: Shawna Lackey/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news