$1.12 million, WyoLotto makes first revenue transfer to State Treasury

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Wyoming Lottery Corporation presented the Wyoming State Treasurer with its first revenue transfer of $1.12 million following the recent record-breaking ticket sales throughout the state, April 5. "It's an exciting day for Wyoming, in particular a bright spot during a time where we've heard enough of sort of bad and gloomy news," State Treasurer Gordon said. Lottery CEO, Jon Clontz, along with members of the Lottery Board of Directors, Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon, Sen. Floyd Esquibel and Mayor Rick Kaysen, were present at the WyoLotto's first transfer to the State Treasury. Ahead of the anticipated schedule by three months, WyoLotto has made an agreement with the State Treasury to make transfers on the fifth of each quarter that the transfer is due. The next couple of transfers will take place on July 5, and then October 5 of this year, so that the Treasury can turn around and make a transfer by the fifteenth of each month. These state transfers will be dispersed to 23 counties, and around 99 communities throughout Wyoming. "Every little bit helps, every penny counts, it does mean a lot for the communities." Treasurer Gordon said about the current economic downturn in particularly the coal industry. "Laramie County will received around $55,000 out of this, Natrona County will get about $19,000, this means that communities will have more of an opportunity to get things done and its a bright spot for Wyoming." Gordon says 460 retailers actually participated in WyoLotto's first year, and is proud that this helps keep people in the state. ​ Out of the 460 retailers who participated, one made $30,000 in a two-week period of time, in which most retailers saw record revenue for their businesses. Lucky for Life will be a new game to debut this fall, and WyoLotto representative say they are starting to look at other games to help peak interest in the lottery. ​#shortgo #news #whatshappening #wyolotto