Spring activity: How to properly plant a tree via City Parks and Rec

With the weather beginning to warm up, and residents thinking of new springtime activities, it's nearing the time to plant growth into your gardens. The Parks and Recreation division with the City of Cheyenne has offered up tips to help plant and manage urban trees in this area. *Properly Planting a Tree:* For a tree to flourish, the air and moisture in the soil need to be properly managed. - Dig a shallow and wide planting hole - Check the root ball - Place the tree, backfill and water in - Mulch: 2-3 inches in depth and 2-3 feet in diameter Three common causes of poor planting that result in tree death are; 1. Planting tree too deep 2. Under watering the tree 3. Over watering the tree More details on how to manage plants in Cheyenne can be found here . #shortgo #news